Saints fumble Cardinals score TD

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NFL star Michael Sam, comes out of closet – 1st self declared gay star of NFL

Last weekend, Michael Sam was chosen to participate in the major league, post he made it through the 7th and the final session of the process of drafting. He was chosen for the St Louis Rams, nevertheless post the initial joy and shock wore off, Sam commented that he firmly believes that he would have been elected much sooner, if his orientation was different. He further complained that different teams had hesitated to pick him as a part since he declared that he was gay in the year 2011 and this decision should have been taken much earlier, regardless of his orientation.
Sam added that, he should have been playing in the 1st three rounds from the previous season itself. The administrators say it is time and again, his name being scratched off, and it was just their loss. He feels proud of where he stands at present and is extremely happy that St. Lous got him on board.
Last Sunday, NFL star Michael Sam made history by coming out of the closet and declaring himself as the first gar player of major American league, openly. Hearing the news, the couple shared a beautiful kiss on camera. Sam and Vito Cammisano, his boyfriends, where exhilarated on hearing the news of television and cried on camera while hugging each other just before they shared a kiss. Recently the couple posted a picture on Sam’s instagram account, where the NFL star is kissing Cammisano’s mouth covered in cake, which he smothered on playfully.

Fans were quite supportive about the star who publicly came out of the closet in the year 2011. President Obama too showcased his support for Sam commenting that right from the sports fields and all the way to corporate boardrooms, Americans with different orientation are proving it time and again that they should only be judged for their performance, and definitely not by their orientation.

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