Colts Josh McNary charged with alleged rape

Josh McNary, the Indianapolis Colts linebacker, told that he has been accused of rape, which is a Marion County, Indiana, official said a leading website earlier on Wednesday. The news was first reported by FOX59.

On Wednesday, the Court documents registered with the county show that McNary, now 26, was accused with 1 count of rape, 1 count of criminal confinement as well as 1 count of battery. You could see the criminal complaint here.

The alleged event happened on 1st December. The victim said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department that following her shift that ended at 11:30 pm on 30th November, she went to a few different bars in the city with co-workers before finishing at an unknown apartment with an unknown male.

She said that she and the man had a little physical fight before she was assaulted sexually. After that, she took the man’s cell phone and left the place and contacted police after coming back to her residence.

Indianapolis Star reported that the Colts were not aware of the probe previously. According to reports, the team released a statement on Wednesday. The statement read: We are aware that there has been a report about Josh McNary but unfortunately that’s the limit of our knowledge. At this time we are very concerned and trying to find out what the relevant facts are but we have insufficient information to venture any opinion. As we learn more we will make appropriate updates.

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